Mobility aids gallery (#CANELIFE)

A gallery of photographs of Heather using her cane and other mobility aids. After many years of feeling uncomfortable using and being seen in photographs with her mobility aids, Heather began consciously taking photos of herself featuring her cane and other mobility aids in 2013 to help herself feel less self-conscious about using them. She shares these photos on her social media accounts in an attempt to normalize the experience of being disabled as a younger person, and to help other young adults feel more comfortable using their own mobility aids! Heather wants to combat ableism by showing how her mobility aids allow her to be more active and give her the freedom to do and experience more things, rather than being symbols of weakness, failure or confinement and limitation. 

To learn more about her thought process, read the piece she wrote reflecting on 3 years of taking and sharing these images here. To see more of her photos, visit her Instagram.